Energy trends and issues

Key insights for energy companies

Energy companies face many challenges and opportunities in today’s economic environment. Whether you operate in the power and utilities, oil and gas, mining or alternative energy sectors, you must adjust to the variability of an increasingly competitive global market.

At RSM, we leverage our in-depth capabilities and energy industry experience to keep our clients abreast of the latest issues to help them tackle their financial, compliance and business challenges


  • Technology: As consumers continue to shift toward lower-carbon generation, technology that enables more efficient energy storage and management is rising. But the power and utility industry requires substantial investment to update an aged infrastructure and modernize the grid. Similarly, considerable investment is needed in the midstream oil and gas space to adequately store and transport natural gas and liquids from new places to downstream demand.
  • Financing: Private equity investment in oil and gas companies has increased substantially in recent years. Struggling upstream and oil field services companies, as well as some midstream companies, required infusions to continue operations and restructure debt. But with the influx of capital comes more input from, if not control by, investors as well as added pressure for near-term cash flow and returns.
  • Regulatory environment: The regulatory and legislative environment is constantly changing and evolving. Keeping up with differing federal, state and global regulations can be challenging, but there is a clear global desire for cleaner energy.
  • Workforce: The energy workforce is leaner than it’s ever been as it’s stratified between older, experienced individuals and younger, more recent entrants. Management’s concern regarding long-term development and succession planning requires attracting and retaining the necessary skill base. Today’s energy marketplace requires new skillsets to meet the new focus on technology, distributed resources and customer interaction.

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