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Solutions to build a high-performance supply chain

Operations and supply chain considerations are rapidly changing, with several factors placing pressure on each step from inbound sourcing to outbound customer delivery. Shifting commodity prices, increased globalization, evolving competition, a changing regulatory environment and rapidly improving technology will continue to disrupt critical operational processes. The supply chain is becoming a key competitive differentiator, and organizations must understand how to address challenges while improving service at a lower cost.

Effective operations and supply chain processes can drive service, define the customer experience and enable the business to better manage costs. However, to reach these goals, an end-to-end supply chain process must be implemented, with a comprehensive strategy rather than independent, siloed practices. Therefore, organizations must closely analyze and adjust key processes to capitalize on opportunities and increase success.   Operations and supply chain practice

Key components of supply chain performance

Optimizing an organization’s supply chain is driven by several key components. Some questions that companies should consider to improve the function include:

  • People – Is my organization structured appropriately to support strategic goals?
  • Process – Do we have the right operational processes in place in order to drive efficiency and improve performance? Are they adequately documented? Is effective training in place?
  • Systems – Do we have the right systems for planning, execution and reporting? Can we effectively communicate with our trading partners? Are we employing the right platform and infrastructure to meet our long-term goals?
  • Facilities – Do we have appropriately designed facilities in the correct locations? Are capacity and utilization adequately positioned?
  • Equipment – Have we selected and employed the most appropriate equipment for our physical operations? Is it properly maintained and utilized?

Strengthening the supply chain

Creating a high-performance supply chain is generally a straightforward, but often challenging, process. Due to its scope, it should have CEO sponsorship and support from the chief financial officer and chief operating officer. An end-to-end supply chain strategy must be created that aligns with the business goals while defining processes, selecting correct technology and providing guidelines for trading partners. Metrics for success must be defined, with a balanced scorecard to measure progress.    

At RSM, we understand the myriad of challenges to developing the modern supply chain. We routinely work with organizations to enhance critical processes, increase agility to stay ahead of competitors and anticipate market changes, ultimately developing and implementing a consistent, cohesive supply chain.

Our experienced advisors provide a full range of supply chain services to optimize performance in six key areas:

Supply chain strategy

The RSM team can assist you with your supply chain strategy needs through several services, including:

  • Assessment of current-state operations
  • Strategy development or enhancement
  • Business process review
  • Operations due diligence
  • M&A support

Sales and operations planning

Sales and operations planning is a frequently overlooked midrange planning technique, coordinating the supply chain across the entire organization and driving significant short-term results. Our services include:  

  • Process development and implementation
  • Systems development and implementation
  • Training and coaching
  • Results tracking and change management

Sourcing and procurement

Our experienced advisors provide several services, including:

  • Sourcing strategy development
  • Supplier management
  • Performance tracking

Manufacturing and operations

We have experienced operations and engineering professionals who can help with:

  • Operations improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Facilities design
  • Right sizing
  • ISO certification

Warehousing and logistics

Our experienced professionals can assist with:

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Network strategy
  • Operations improvement

Supply chain systems

RSM provides a full range of systems advisory capabilities. Our supply chain systems advisors can help with:

  • Supply chain systems
  • Systems strategy and selection
  • Implementation support
  • Systems enhancement and optimization

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