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Whether it’s preparing compliant financial statements for an initial public offering or properly recording a business combination resulting from a merger or acquisition, accounting can be complex. It often requires the focused attention of professionals with significant expertise and seasoned judgment. Even the day-to-day demands of accounting and finance personnel involve considerable effort and attention.

We can provide ongoing technical accounting and financial reporting services, including:

  • On-call technical accounting consulting
  • Assistance with SEC comment letter responses
  • Assistance with implementation of accounting standards, including ASC 606 and ASC 842 
  • In-depth reviews of technical accounting memoranda and conclusions
  • Assessment of current accounting policies and assistance in optimizing policy decisions
  • Spearheading the organization’s preparation of Form 10-Q and Form 10-K

Complex accounting issues require more specialized guidance. RSM assists with:

  • Accounting for complex debt and equity financings, debt modifications, financial instruments and derivatives
  • Impairment analyses for both goodwill and long-lived assets
  • Analysis of share-based payments and assessment of the impact that share-based payments may have on company financial statements
  • Assistance in analyzing the accounting and reporting requirements for foreign currency transactions, and the translation of financial statements from a foreign currency to the reporting currency for purposes of consolidation, combination or the equity method of accounting
  • Assistance in identifying appropriate consolidation models and whether a reporting entity should consolidate variable interest or voting interest entities
  • Review of leasing arrangements for accounting implications

Combining a deep understanding of accounting standards with a full range of advisory services, our team of technical accounting consultants can help you proactively identify and address issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Financial Reporting Resource Center offers timely, insightful knowledge regarding today’s reporting issues and requirements, including information about accounting standards under development, leasing and business combinations, among many other topics. 

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