ERP/CRM Design, Implementation and Support

Improving visibility, scalability, process improvement. Promoting growth.

Even if you have a non-integrated, highly customized or outdated ERP/CRM system, you may have decided to not make changes the last several years. That’s understandable. But with the business climate improving, now may be the time to make that investment in your organization’s future growth.

Perhaps you put off the decision because you fear conversion will be painful. It may be comforting to know that conversion horror stories are preventable when you choose a strategic partner who works to know you and your business. A team comprised of more than technicians.

People who understand your industry and processes
At RSM, our ERP/CRM team members are business analysts who really understand your industry and processes – they’re not just installers of software. Using a customized, flexible implementation approach, they know how to head off conversion issues before they occur. And they’ll help you maximize the value of your information systems and create a competitive advantage to help you meet your strategic objectives.

We are national business partners with the largest software publishers for midsized businesses – Microsoft Business Solutions®, NetSuite®, SAP® and Sage Software. And, we also provide services for many “best-of-breed” stand-alone ERP systems in a variety of industries. We partner with and fully support the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application as well, designed to give your growing business an edge by boosting productivity.

On premise, hosted or cloud-based, you want to know your next system move is the right move. We’ll provide the insights, practical suggestions and fresh ideas so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

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