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Why RSM is your National Microsoft Partner of choice

Whether building a company, growing profitability or looking at ways in which you can be more competitive, more agile and responsive, RSM, your National Microsoft Partner, provides you with services, technologies and solutions specifically designed to help you accomplish your priorities, overcome challenges and address issues by helping you:

  • Serve your customers better 
  • Acquire new customers and manage those continuing relationships effectively 
  • Control costs, while growing the business – or reduce costs without hampering the business 
  • Make decisions quickly, based on accurate and up-to-date information 
  • Take care of your employees, reducing turnover and human resource costs

As a National Microsoft Partner, we provide Microsoft-based business solutions to fit your unique needs and future goals:

Microsoft solutions, woven together with your business needs and the knowledge of more than 750 business and technology professionals at RSM, enable the success of your business by:

  • Allowing you to serve your customers better. Our team at RSM streamlines processes, enhances your capabilities and leverages solutions, like Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365, for improved employee and customer collaboration.
  • Working closely with your team. We help you to enhance your communication and collaboration capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) enabled by Microsoft Exchange, Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Office 365.  
  • Managing and reducing costs – including the cost of information technology (IT). Cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Cloud solutions or Azure, create a secure, mobile-friendly environment, helping your organization address the everyday challenges you experience, effectively and efficiently.
  • Making decisions quickly and confidently. By leveraging the capabilities of a Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, you can pull information from your internal systems into a single, reliable view of the truth that serves as the platform for your decision-making and management processes.
  • Strengthening collaboration and communication with your employees. We eradicate cumbersome technologies, focusing on productivity, ease of learning and making your employees productive, from anywhere, on any device, by implementing Microsoft Office 365 – including Exchange online, SharePoint online, Power BI and Office.
  • Securing your internal processes. We assist you with managing confidential data and the surrounding risks to help ensure your organization is consistently secure and compliant.

At RSM, we collaborate with businesses across industries, so we understand the issues and challenges you face every day. We identify risks and opportunities for improvement, while keeping your priorities top of mind. From consulting and strategy, to customization and optimization, RSM’s services are built to contribute to your overall success – and to simply get the job done. 



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